A healing means the client receives the support and transformation that is most appropriate for their current situation and that he or she is most ready to accept. 

What is Tamraway™ Healing?

Tamraway™ is a powerful meditative technique that uses the energy of the universe to re-store, re-align and re-vitalize your true being — Your Soul, to produce changes at the core of your being. This results in physical, emotional, and spiritual transformation. Tamraway healing is a holistic healing technique that addresses your soul, which is your energetic signature, along with your subconscious mind. Tamraway healing technique releases unhelpful/negative energies (such as, hatred, jealousy, traumas, fear, pain, resentments, grudges, curses, oaths, vows, etc.) that are stuck within you and that surrounds you in your home and environment and infuses positive higher vibrational frequencies (such as, love, joy, peace, compassion, tranquility, gratitude, forgiveness, kindness, etc.) that may have been missing in you for so long, so you can live fulfilling and abundant life. 

We have come to understand that energies within us and around us create our current challenges. When we have entangled energies with different people and places across time and space, it drains us in all aspects of our life: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Meaning, energies from our past lives, ancestors, or different lands/realms attaches to us like a chord and blocks us from moving forward.

Connection of Mind and Body
How is this possible you may ask? The explanation lies in quantum physics. Everything is made up of energy and every type of energy has a distinct vibration. Our environment and the people around us affect us as much as our own personal energies. TamrawayEnergy patterns apply to everything in our lives – be it health, happiness, relationships, love, money, wealth, career, house, etc. The soul is our energetic signature that remembers each and every energetic vibration we have experienced. And every experience (good or bad) has an emotion attached to it and it’s vibrating at the core of your being. Feelings, emotions and patterns are energies that influence how we behave and dramatically affect the body’s well-being, even on a cellular level. The cells are very aware of the environment both inside and outside the body, and have individual intelligence, while remaining connected to the whole.

Every energy (positive or negative; internal or external) can change our physiology, energy level, biochemistry and state of mind. Likewise, changing physiology and negative energies (such as, hatred, anger, unloved, fear, pain, struggle) can help alter how we feel and behave. The mind and body are intimately connected and affect each other. Unresolved/negative emotional experiences sitting inside us consumes tremendous amount of energy and we have noticed that it may take on physical manifestations as well such as, pain, struggle, fear, ailments, diseases, disorders, financial challenges, etc. Thus, by releasing negative/un-helpful undercurrents that are stored within us and infusing positive energies, our body’s vibration changes, triggering the body’s ability to be receptive to self-healing. Understanding this concept assists us in changing habitual behaviors, healing our minds, strengthening our bodies and connecting us spiritually. 

Tamraway™ healing releases the stuck negative undercurrents creating these issues, transforming the body, mind, and soul — bringing balance, connection, and healing. Through energy sessions we improve a person’s well-being and re-introduce him/her to what it feels like to live without negativities like stress, fears, anxiety, struggles, hatred, pain and other energies to which they have become accustomed. Tamraway healing clients have experienced tremendous relief from chronic pain, anxiety and depression, chronic ailments, emotional and psychological challenges, relationship issues, infections from bacteria and viruses, autism, hormonal imbalances, autoimmune conditions, and many more conditions.

About Tamraway Healing Sessions

Tamraway™ sessions are a powerful opportunity to change your life! Tamraway is a unique holistic healing technique in that it can be used to transform your health, wealth, relationships, home, environment, and expand your spiritual connection. Every session is personally structured to fit your needs and offer the best results for you. The only preparation you need to do before your session is to be hydrated and ready to change your life.

How Does It Work?
Rajeev will guide you into a small meditation and take you into a state, where you are deeply relaxed. Through Universal Energy / Divine, Rajeev releases the stuck energies and infuses the higher vibrational energies: this is why the transformation has perfect integrity and is done in the highest and the best way. By re-storing, re-aligning and re-vitalizing our soul with our own true self and the Divine, we can bring about spontaneous physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

Rajeev provides a compassionate, safe environment, and sessions are completely confidential. All sessions are conducted via Phone or Zoom (a video conferencing platform). WhatsApp sessions are available if neither of the above options are possible.

How Can I Use Tamraway™ Healings?
People come in for a Tamraway sessions to address anything they are looking to change in their lives; their physical health, energy levels, emotional difficulties, grief, relationship issues, manifesting for relationships and work; manifesting for opulence, spiritual growth and soul purpose; intuitive development, healing trauma and abuse; mental and psychological challenges; learning disabilities and developmental disorders. People also come in to have their Tamra Fortune™. To know more about our different types of healing packages, click on Appointments

What Can I Expect To Get Out Of My Sessions?
Everybody benefits in some way from every session – though the benefits may come in ways you do not expect. Many people initially come looking for immediate relief from some physical challenge. While nearly everyone does receive some immediate change, for some people there are emotional and spiritual issues that are at the core of the physical problems and hence need to be resolved first before achieving substantial permanent physical recovery. Thus, it is not uncommon for people to at first experience primarily emotional/spiritual healing, possibly along with some physical recovery. The rest of the physical recovery may come later when the emotional/spiritual aspects have been fully resolved. 

How Many Session Packages Will I Need?
This depends on your challenges and goals. Every client will experience a powerful healing! However, there is no “right” answer – every client is different so, it really on depends you, your ability to heal and how much of your time, energy, and other resources you are willing to commit to achieve your goals. Many have experienced wonderful instant healings from one sessions package (meaning 6 sessions in most cases) for their complete relief from long standing problems. For others, healing comes more gradually or in more subtle forms and may require multiple session packages. It is common for people to purchase additional session packages and continue with their sessions until they’ve addressed all the major issues that brought them to seek healing.

Start by purchasing one session package and monitor your progress. You can buy additional packages as needed/recommended. As a highly proficient and experienced energy healer, Rajeev reserves the right to recommend additional sessions for your benefit when necessary, but ultimately the choice is up to the client. Whatever your situation, you will receive healings that is most in line with your highest and best good. 

Why Session Packages?
We offer session packages in order to maximize the chance of getting wonderful results from Tamraway™ Healing. Through our experience, we have found that session packages are more beneficial for our clients over individual sessions because there are always multiple layers of healing required for the challenges they are facing in their life and a single session becomes restrictive for comprehensive healing our clients may be looking for.

We look forward to working with you and being part of your healing journey.

Rajeev Ahluwalia – Founder of Tamraway™ HealingTamraway

Rajeev is the Founder of Tamraway™ Healing and a Medical Intuitive, who uses his spiritual gifts to help guide people manifest the reality of their dreams. He does this by helping people open up their awareness, raising their energetic vibration and helping them learn to harness universal energy and intuition thus, awakening them to their own personal power to continue helping themselves. Rajeev’s spiritual gifts were fostered as he spent his formative years embracing many energy healing techniques (ThetaHealing, Healing Touch, ancient Indian healing techniques, Matrix Energetics, etc.). He brings years of experience to every client and most of all his clients and students report many personal transformations including releasing negative thoughts, emotions, behaviors, and fears, and expanded success in their personal and professional lives. 

As an Energy Healer and Medical Intuitive, Rajeev’s greatest joy is to help people become who they truly are.

Radhika A – Office Assistant

Radhika is the Office Assistant who assists Rajeev with all his office work.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Universal Energy / Divine?
The ultimate power and the highest truth is Universal Energy/Divine. This is the energy of creation and it exists everywhere. This is the essence of pure love, place of pure wisdom and the creative force. This is where instant healings and manifestations happen; it is all around us and it is what we are made of. In this place of the creation, there is absolute peace, knowingness, contentment, support, nurturing and endless possibility. 

What is the different between a cure and a healing?
A cure is a medical term regarding a change in specific measurable symptoms from an underlying condition.
A healing means the client receives the support and transformation that is most appropriate for their current situation and that he or she is most ready to accept. 

How long are sessions?
All sessions are approximately 60 minutes in length unless stated otherwise.

I have problem/condition X – can Tamraway™ Healing help me?
No matter what your challenge is, if you are willing to take responsibility for your own life and are willing to work with Rajeev to explore the core problems behind your unhappiness, injuries, illness, or troubles and follow his recommendations, you have the potential to make dramatic positive changes in your life.

I used to have problem X – and after my Tamraway™ sessions, I feel great. Should I keep going for more?
Problems can come into our life at any time and we have found that majority of the time, they surface to be resolved. Initially, probably the only thing you cared about in your Tamraway healing sessions is dealing with your current challenges. But, after you have some experience with Tamrway’s holistic healing technique, it will open your eyes to the amazing potential it has to improve every aspect of your life – career, relationships, health, finances, emotional and psychological challenges, and – last but not least – helping you find the meaning and purpose in your life. 

As the client, you decide what your goals are for Tamraway Healing. If your goal is simply to recover from some condition, you may not feel the need to do any more, and that’s fine. But most people realize the tremendous benefits Tamraway healing can bring us, and see recovery from their symptoms as just the first step on the road to better life. You can buy more packages to schedule further sessions for whatever relief you are seeking to achieve. 

Is there an In-Person session?
No. All sessions are conducted via Phone or Zoom. Zoom is a video conferencing platform thus, you will see Rajeev during your sessions. Energy travels without space and time constraints so, both in-person and remote sessions provide same results. 

How can I pay for sessions?
You can pay by credit or debit card. All payments must be made in full at the time services are rendered.

What should I do to prepare for my session?
The most important thing to do is to determine what your goal is for the session. For example, you might want better relationship with your partner or family, overcome hurdles for your promotion, discover your Soul Path, or you might be sick with the flu and just want to feel better. Ask yourself: “If I could change anything in my life, what would it be?”. Click on Appointments to see other main healings we offer. 

Physically, you want to be comfortable and relaxed, and be sure to find a quiet place in your home where you will not be disturbed during your session. Have a working headphone with mic so Rajeev can easily hear you and vice-versa. Drink water and use restroom before your sessions begin. 

Refund Policy
All sessions are non-refundable and expires 90 days from the date of purchase.

Do I have to believe in God for Tamraway™ Healing to work?
You are not required to believe in any particular dogma or view of God or religion in order to benefit from Tamraway Healing. All that is required is that you accept responsibility for your life and are open to the concept that there is some form of higher power. For some people the higher power is God, for others it is the Universe. 

Is Tamraway™ Healing associated with any religion or God?
No. Tamraway Healing is a spiritual practice that is not affiliated with any religion. People from all manner of faiths and backgrounds – including atheists – are welcome to share the amazing benefits of Tamraway Healing and experience the alternative healing power of this technique. 


Tamraway™ Healing is intended as supplement to traditional medical care, not a substitute for it.  As such, the statements in this website are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or illness, and in no way should the information presented on this website be considered a substitute for competent medical care by your physician or other healthcare professional.  If you are currently under the care of any health care provider, it is recommended that you continue to follow all treatments prescribed for you. If you believe that you have significant health issues or are in need of medical care, it is recommended that you consult a doctor as soon as possible.