Welcome to the Tamraway™ Healing For Total Wellbeing!

This is the place for you if you are looking for Emotional & Physical wellbeing – including but not limited to challenges related to general wellbeing and specific health related issues. When negative energetic undercurrents triggering these challenges are released and new positive vibrations are infused, clients see a tremendous shift in their lives. Shifts come in various forms but majority of the time starts with emotional shifts (meaning you may “feel” it) – you feel freer, happier, calmer, increase in focus & clarity, decrease stress levels, less burdened, less tired, less irritation, etc. As the sessions progress you will experience physical changes – meaning you may “see” changes happening within and around you – people are more friendlier, relationships have improved, pains have reduced or disappeared, anxiety have reduced, regression from various health related challenges, etc. 

Patience and trusting a higher power is a key factor in healing. The Divine or Universe always know what is best for you and what you “need” at a given time although you may “want” something to happen first; however, healings always work for your highest best thus, universal healing energy will naturally flow to where you need it the most to help you achieve relief. 

We have two different sessions package for Total Wellbeing for the convenience of our clients to choose from:

General Sessions – this sessions package is specifically designed for healings related to – energy levels, clarity & focus, emotional difficulties, clearing challenges, fears, phobias; relief & healing from relationship issues, emotional traumas & abuse, grief, old emotional wounds; manifesting for relationships & work and anything general that you would like to get relief from or want healings.
♦ There are 3 individual 60 minutes sessions in one package.
If you believe that you have deep issues that needs attention then start with Specialized 6 Sessions Package.

Specialized Sessions – this sessions package is specifically designed for clients who wants healing for specific health issues such as, chronic pain, heart disease, high blood pressure, crohn, diabetes, asthma, all types of cancer, sickle cell anemia, infections from bacteria and viruses, auto-immune conditions, hormonal imbalance, weight issues, and any other health related issues.
♦ There are 6, 12 & 18 individual 60 minutes sessions is one package.
If your physical health have deteriorated significantly, had prolonged illness/issues, you are currently undergoing treatment, or your illness have advanced to a much higher stage – the recommended starting point is 12 Sessions Package. 

**Note – The specific number of sessions in a given package helps in gaining tremendous relief on an average. However, each individual/client is different; thus, you may require additional sessions package(s) for comprehensive healing & relief. If so, Rajeev will recommend more sessions but the decision is entirely up to the client.
Important – there is a difference between a cure and a healing. Please refer to our FAQ tab on the Tamraway™ page to know about the difference.

Have questions or don’t know which package to choose? Contact Rajeev and he will be happy to help you.


Tamraway™ Healing is intended as supplement to traditional medical care, not a substitute for it.  As such, the statements in this website are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or illness.