A Powerful Wellbeing Sessions Specifically Designed for Families with Special Needs Children

Welcome to the Tamraway™ Healing For Special Needs Children! We are sure you and your family will benefit tremendously from this program.

The children we have designed this program for are those who have difficulty focusing (i.e. ADD, ADHD), learning disability, their brain/body connections may be off balance, they may be classified as Autistic, or it may seem at times aspects of their nervous system aren’t fully or properly connected. With Tamraway™ Healing, our goal is to bring relief to children from their inner struggle and help to restore, rejuvenate and reconnect their mind, body, and soul.

Everything in the universe is made up of energy and every type of energy has a distinct vibration. Our environment and the people around us affect us as much as our own personal energies. Every energy (good or bad) we have can change our physiology, energy level, biochemistry and state of mind. The soul is our energetic signature that remembers each and every energetic vibration we have experienced. Feelings, emotions and patterns are energies that influence how we behave and dramatically affect the body’s well-being, even on a cellular level. 

We have come to understand that children are very sensitive to energetic patterns around them, and absorb energies easily, especially from the ages of 0-14 years of age. The majority of the time, children are deeply connected energetically to their parent (mainly their mother) or legal guardian. Consequently, any stressful or traumatic situation faced by a parent(s) has a direct impact on the child, even if the child is in the womb. We have found that by releasing energies troubling the child, parents’ negative energies, which maybe triggering the child, and infusing positive vibrational energies, the child begins to blossom as challenges fade away. This is due to the energetic connection with DNA and constant close proximity of the growing, changing child.

Connection with Environment
Just as we have our own personal interconnection, we are also affected by our connections to our surroundings. One of the unique and key element in Tamraway™ Healing ~ For Special Needs Children is that along with healings on the child, we specifically work on the environment that the child spends most of his/her time – their home. We have found that special needs children are extra sensitive to the energy of their environment. When we release the negative or bouncing energies of the house that is affecting the child, we have noticed that the child becomes more calmer, their actions are smoother, anxiety and crying decreases; and negative actions and reactions decreases or even ceases. The renewed energy of the house further helps them to live a normal, healthy and purposeful life. 

During sessions, Rajeev uses the powerful ability of Tamraway™ Healing to release negative undercurrents affecting the children and re-align the body, mind and surrounding energies, which includes releasing fears and traumas; restoring balance of organs and systems; open energetic pathways, connect the mind and body; heightening positive feelings, improving clarity, concentration, and focus; and releasing energy blocks, chords, and struggles to experience deep relief and relaxation. By removing unhelpful or negative energies with positive infusion energies, cells respond to the positive energy enabling healing to occur and mind/body connections to strengthen. 

How are sessions conducted?
Every session is done via a parent or legal guardian of the child, who is above the age of 21 years. There are total of 12 sessions in the package and each session is 60 minutes long. Sessions are conducted remotely, utilizing Zoom, (a video conferencing platform). For those unable to use Zoom, the phone will be used. 

What does “relief” mean?
When negative undercurrents are released and positive energies are infused in the child, its parents and the house, a sense of calmness, independency, positive reactions, stronger bonding and receptiveness, decreasing struggles, increasing focus and clarity, happier, stronger parent-child bonding and improvement in general wellbeing can be noticed in the child, which we generally term as relief. 
As a parent, it is important to understand that special needs children are brilliant in their own way. Many of these children have amazing capabilities that have not yet blossomed; thus, it is important to keep in mind to not compare your child with others; instead, always encourage your child and give them a nurturing, loving environment to grow and blossom to their fullest potential at their own time and space. 

Note: Practitioner may recommend additional tools to help you and your child. It is purely your choice to take the advice or not. Those who have followed the practitioner’s advice as meticulously as possible are truly living a transformed life.

**Unique circumstances – we understand there may be special circumstances, such as you have two special needs children OR you are not the biological parent(s) of your special needs child. If this is the case, you can still participate in this program. Remember, if you are willing to take responsibility for your current situation and are willing to work with Rajeev to explore the core problems behind the challenges you are facing and follow his recommendations, you have the potential to make dramatic positive changes in your and your child’s life.

Important – there is a difference between a cure and a healing. Please refer to our FAQ tab on the Tamraway™ page to know about the difference.

We strongly suggest for you to incorporate a few supplements into your daily life, as we have observed tremendous benefits from these. We prefer certain types and brands that we believe absorb more quickly in the body. We will provide information regarding the supplement once you register for the sessions, which will include the dosage for both adults and children; and link to purchase the supplements. We highly recommend (and it is important) you start the supplements before your very first session or within the first week of your session. Rajeev will explain to you the importance of these supplements during your first session.

We will also send you a PDF version of the book known as Magnesium Miracle, which explains why and how these supplements play an important role in the human body. This book is written by the doctor who made these supplements – Dr. Caroline Dean. Those of us at Tamraway and our associates do not receive any compensation from the sale of these supplements. We have seen stronger results in our clients when their bodies are properly nourished and we have experienced it ourselves.

Purchasing and using supplements is purely your choice, but following the practitioner’s advice as meticulously as possible will help you to achieve the best possible outcome from our Tamraway™ Healing.

The Importance of Rest
Your body will experience changes from the renewed energy flow. You may need a little extra sleep or additional resting time during the day. This is normal and it is good for your body. Listen to your body, this is key to achieving improved balance and well-being.

Importance of Water Before and After Sessions
Hydration is key to obtaining optimal benefits. Many people are dehydrated without knowing it. Hydration will improve the effectiveness of the changes, eliminate toxins stored in your tissues and minimize or eliminate headaches or muscle discomfort.

Use the bathroom before your session begins and keep water near you during the session.

Our Clients Are Saying
  • The energy healing is really a miracle!!! The real miracle is that now my daughter is thinking logically, which was at a very low level before the session… The language, the explaining capacity, also is really stunning me. Yes, she has at last overcome the hurdle which was facing for expressing what she actually wants to. Her curiosity level is very high that she started asking many valid questions and doubts… 
    Click to read Geetha’s full testimony


  • Working with Rajeev has been so transformative in my life and my families. I originally began to help my oldest son with Autism and Epilepsy, but had no idea how much our whole family would benefit. I had tried everything medically recommended and all the traditional therapies and everything just remained status quo. When Rajeev began to help me release trapped energies from life times ago, everything changed. My son began reading (age 7) and had better control of emotions at home and at school. He started asking questions and have small reciprocal conversations (A VER BIG DEAL)!!! Our whole family began to feel better and engaged with one another in more love and supportive ways. The change is real and big. And so much more to come.


  • With this healing, I was transformed to a new person with an inner vision. I realized that my love was only conditional that creates so many collisions and problems in life. Results are only mental agony, tension, unhappiness, etc. Now I am so happy than ever before. No tension, no stress, no strain, no anger, no hate. How weightless now I am!!! I feel happiness all times that…
    Read Geetha’s full testimony


  • Sir, I see the following changes after just one session with you. Today I could focus on my work far better, fatigue was missing and more enthusiastic in approach. Unwanted fear which I was having earlier is not there now. Obligation part also has reduced considerably. Office colleagues also understands my difficulties and cooperating better. Unwanted anxieties also reduced. Sir, Thank You Very Much with Gratitude. Thank You.



Tamraway™ Healing is intended as supplement to traditional medical care, not a substitute for it.  As such, the statements in this website are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or illness.